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    Commercial Blinds

    commercial blind
    logo blind

    We can offer blinds for a variety of businesses including those based in offices,schools, shops, restaurants, bars, Doctors surgeries, dentists, spa resorts and any other type of business.

    With our commercial roller blinds you can adjust their angle to prevent others from looking in on you, without blocking your view.

    Our logo printed blinds are an effective and creative way of not only dressing your windows but also to provide an alternative form of advertising.
    Promoting your business is crucial in today’s economic climate and doing so in the form of blinds is effortless.
    All logo printed blinds are custom made and are made to your exact requirements meaning that blinds can be installed even in the most awkward window spaces.

    We provide a high quality, individually tailored blind and installation service and therefore you will not be disappointed with our bespoke service.